Greenhouse effect

Out of all the shades of blue around, most of which are delightful, the previous owner of our place chose a fairly unappealing one (shown here with her furniture).


28 Sep 2007 01

So, after living in an off-white house my whole life and now in control of the paint brush for the first time, it was time to be daring! We ended up deciding on a cheery colour called Kelly’s Flower, which makes us as happy as the name sounds.

16 Apr 2009 03

Do you like that lovely 80s wood veneer air-conditioner in the first photo? The previous owner obviously did, given that she left it there even after installing a brand new one. It was going to be too difficult to match the exterior to brick it up and besides, you can never have too much natural light, so we had the beast hauled out and replaced with a window. The exposed beams were visually breaking up the space and making the ceilings look even lower, so we painted them the same colour as the ceiling.

As you can see, we still have a fair way to go with furniture, but at least the room feels so much brighter and airier now.


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