Decorating lessons you won’t learn at my house

The Man & I have been in our home for two years and there are still tons of little changes I would love to make… if only money and time were no object.

The real world may not look like a magazine, but we can still learn a trick or two. Let’s start at the front door, shall we?

Create a welcoming entrance
We haven’t done a single thing to the front porch since moving in, so it’s no wonder it’s not the best entrance. Nothing says ‘welcome to our home’ more than dead grass, rusting house numbers and lamp, stained concrete and a cruddy doormat. Please also note, dear reader, the baffling location of the footpath… leading right into a pole.


This next pic is a whole world of what-not-to-do. Where do I begin?

Choose appropriate scale furniture
Ignore the fact that it’s all hand-me-down and side of the road finds for a moment and focus on the amount and scale of the furniture. In a small room it seems logical to go with small pieces of furniture, but it will just end up looking bitsy and cluttered. Instead, opt for a fewer number of larger pieces.

Add a floor rug
A rug would make the space more cosy and inviting, ground the furniture and deliniate the lounge.

Dress your windows
Window treatments are one area that I believe there are no hard and fast rules and should be taken on a case-by-case basis. This room would benefit from the addition of curtains as they would frame the window, making it seem larger and a stronger feature.

Still in the lounge, but look above you.

Install attractive light fittings
We had these Boring-with-a-capital-B light fittings in every. single. room. I am dying to add a pendant light to further define the space and add interest.

lounge ceiling light

Keep flooring consistent
We were actually pretty lucky in the flooring department when we bought our place, all neutral and fairly new. But there are four different types of floors in a house that barely has that many rooms. To really make your home flow, use consistent floors throughout.

tiles and floorboards

Use quality fixtures
They may seem innocent enough, but as long as these plastic taps are around, our kitchen is always going to look a bit cheap and nasty. Can’t wait to replace them with some quality, elegant hardware.

kitchen taps

Get things off your benches
We are planning to install some wall brackets to lift the microwave up, but for now it takes up precious bench space in our small kitchen. We use our kettle and toaster daily so they will be allowed to remain on the countertop.

…and floors
A neat pile on the floor is still a pile on the floor. It looks messy and doesn’t show respect to your belongings. My cookbooks became homeless after a recent change in furniture. See how sad they look? They can’t wait for their new home in the kitchen to be built

That’s enough embarrassment from me for one day. Is there anything about your home that you know is a decorating no-no but for whatever reason you haven’t got around to fixing yet?


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