Laundry makeover

Remember those heinous tiles in the kitchen? They’re baaaack and rearing their stripy head in the laundry. Nothing that our trusty tile paint couldn’t handle though. Plenty of putty and white paint hid most other sins.


laundry after1

Despite attacking it with white paint, I didn’t want it to look too stark, so I added a pop of colour behind the shelves. Unfortunately the laundry serves as the only thoroughfare between the inside and outside, so the splash of green also helps the areas flow together.

laundry after3

With no shed or garage, the laundry had to have adequate storage for gardening gear, paint, tools and hardware in addition to cleaning gear. We called in the professionals to install some overhead built-in cabinets, while hooks on the wall rescued the cleaning gear from the pile on the floor. I actually wasn’t intending to have any blue in here but every item of cleaning gear we bought ended up being blue so I figured I’d the universe was telling me to just go with it.

laundry after2

On the opposite wall, a set of rails keeps small and frequently used items handy. The lanterns and cutlery (of which you can see the green handles poking out of the white ceramic pots) we use when eating dinner in the courtyard. With everything out in the open, friends automatically know what to do if they want to help out by setting the table – handy if The Man and I are busy with the barbecue.

Since it’s not a room that we can simply close the door to hide everything, it’s nice to now have our laundry easy on the eye… all for a price that was easy on the wallet.

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