Honeymoon: Lots of loot

Kia ora! Here are all the goodies we brought back from New Zealand. It looks like a lot when you lay it all out together! Hopefully no one in the family looks too closely, as I used the opportunity to get a head-start on my Christmas shopping.


Before we go any further, I feel the need to defend the possibly-on-the-tacky-side-of-things sheep pencil. It’s actually a family tradition to collect souvenir pencils with funny toppers whenever someone goes on holiday. My parents have amassed quite a collection and it’s a really fun talking point with guests. The kiwi socks, on the other hand, I have no excuse for.

Nope, no nieces or nephews… the kiwi hand puppet is for The Man! He is teaching older kids this year but will be great for storytelling with junior primary classes. We went to the cutest lolly shop and Ryan was like a… well you know. He was having trouble deciding so I suggested he get the sour glowworms, since we had just visited a glowworm cave. We discovered a lot of great wine but had to be selective – damn weight restrictions. The smallest bottle is pinot noir syrup. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, but we just had to bring it home regardless. Any suggestions?

Naturally, I couldn’t resist the stationery and homewares. The gorgeous illustrated card and fun tape are from Tiny Space in Auckland. My white ceramic collection has a new piece; this one in the style of a Maori woven basket. The wooden sculpture is another traditional Maori design, meaning ‘eternity’, very appropriate for newlyweds I thought. Keep an eye out for some of these items as they pop up in photos of our home in future posts. I haven’t decided where everything is going yet, but I’m looking forward to using them to give the house a bit of a freshen up.


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