Honeymoon Day 6-7: Akaroa

We’re winding up our first week in a pretty little seaside town called Akaroa. Originally intended for colonisation by the French, they were pipped at the post by the British but the French settlers stayed anyway. Evidence of their influence can be seen in the flags, buildings, street names and food (although the skeptic in me wonders how much of that is exaggerated to lure in tourists).

A war monument shows the damage of the recent earthqauke.

The Man did a seriously awesome job landing hotel rooms with killer views like this

Yes, that’s right, I am swimming with dolphins, people

A nearby town was home to an open-air museum. The collection, including everything from Maori artefacts to 50s home appliances, was definitely eclectic but quite interesting.

I swear we didn’t know this prior to visiting, but there was an exhibition of printing equipment! I did go a little bit nuts at this point. Just induldge me during the following typography nerdiness, mkay?


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