Lounge update

We have made quite a few changes to the lounge over the last few months since I last posted about it. I didn’t take any photos to share because, along with new furniture, we also had a room strewn with boxes of wedding supplies and in-progress DIY projects. Now that the chaos has subsided a little, let’s have a look!

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like three months ago:

16 Apr 2009 03

And here it is now:

lounge Sept 2010 1

I am now the owner of my dream coffee table (knock-off Noguchi) – loving those mid-century curves.

We’d been saving for an entertainment unit, but I hadn’t been able to find one that I liked and that fit all of the necessary storage criteria so I designed a custom unit and got a few quotes. I expected a custom built piece would be pricey, but five grand? Seriously? I got discouraged and couldn’t figure out a plan C, til I found this one at a furniture store that is normally known for poufy sofas and shouty ads. I was hoping for a walnut-coloured, solid timber piece with sleek design, but at literally 20% of what we budgeted (and only 4% of what a custom unit would have cost!) I am definitely not complaining.

lounge Sept 2010 2

New couch – woohoo! Previously we had a black leather lounge suite which was a hand-me-down from my parents (purchased for their first flat almost forty years ago!). They were good quality and reasonably comfortable, but they weren’t cutting it in the practicality stakes let alone the style. The couch was so tiny there was barely enough room for the two of us to sit comfortably, and the combo with two armchairs meant it could seat relatively few people compared to how much floorspace it took up. The light colour has really brightened the room, plus there’s now room for stretching out – bliss!

lounge Sept 2010 3lounge Sept 2010 4

The ‘art’ above the washstand is simply a piece of fabric tacked onto a cheapo canvas. It balances out the size of the washstand and ties in with the colour and pattern of the granite top.

lounge Sept 2010 5

What’s that in the corner? Yep, we now have curtains. Since their main purpose was asesthetic, cheap sheers do the trick.

The room has come a long way in a few months, but there is one more big change coming soon that I can’t wait to reveal. Any guesses?


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