DIY colourful cake stand

Atypical Type A - cake stand tutorial

Want to whip up a cake buffet like the one I did for my Mum’s ‘let them eat cake’ party but don’t want to shell out for a whole table full of new servingware? Neither did I, so I hit up my local op shops and hardware store for a DIY option. Check your cupboards first though, you may already have some seen-better-days pieces lying around that would be perfect for this project.

You will need:
Second-hand plates
Second-hand candlesticks
Spray paint


Atypical Type A - cake stand tutorial1

1. Clean the plates and candlesticks thoroughly. Work out which bases suit which plate.

2. Fill the opening of the candlestick with putty and allow to dry completely (if it is a large hole like the one pictured, for best results fill in stages and allow to dry between each stage). This will give you a nice flat surface for the glue to adhere to.

Atypical Type A - cake stand tutorial2

3. Turn the plate upside down and glue on the base. Allow to dry.

4. Apply two coats of spray paint. Instead of laying down newspaper, I recommend using a cardboard box for a more effective way of containing overspray.

I was unsure whether the spray paint was food safe, so I erred on the side of caution and made sure there were doilies or cupcake liners between the plate and food. It was an easy project that really tied together the colours of the cake buffet. The best part is that you can simply re-spray if you want a different colour for your next occasion.


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