Make a vintage book vase

book vases

To tie in with the literary theme of our wedding, I made these cute ‘vases’ from old books. Here’s how:

Atypical Type A - book vase materials

You will need:

  • old, unwanted book
  • piece of dense cardboard
  • scalpel
  • pencil
  • double-sided tape


Atypical Type A - book vase materials

1. Trim the piece of cardboard to the height of your book and the width of the margin (if you go right to the edge of the page, you’ll see a blank strip at the widest part of your vase, ruining the effect of the text).

2. Freehand draw one half of your desired vase shape.

Atypical Type A - book vase tutorial2

3. Cut out the vase template.

4. Place the template against the spine of the open book. Cut around the template with the scalpel until all pages are cut through. Try to keep the blade as vertical as possible to keep the shape uniform the whole way around.
Atypical Type A - book vase tutorial3

5. Slice between the front and end sheets to remove the pages.

6. Apply double-sided tape to the front page; fold back and attach to the back page. If your book has quite loose signatures (that’s the lingo for a stitched group of pages) you may need to bend back the pages to make them a bit more flexible.

I picked up the books for small change at a local op shop and the rest of the gear I had on hand, so it was an incredibly cheap project for a rainy afternoon.


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