Ghosts of Christmas trees past

I love Christmas as much as the next person, but I have a strong opinion that the festivitites shouldn’t begin until December 1 at the earliest. If it starts in October as the retailers would like, it makes it less special, don’t you agree? Sure, I’ll do planning and gift shopping prior to that, but definitely no decorations.

So, with my self-imposed moratorium almost over, it’s time to start thinking about decorating for Christmas. But first, let’s see how the ‘tree’ has looked the previous two years.

Christmas tree white branches with pink ornaments

Our first Christmas in a home of our own! I had picked up some decorative branches with fairy lights on sale earlier in the year, deciding they would be the perfect Christmas tree alternative for a small space. Since they’re not specifically Christmassy, they could also be a great party decoration. I actually already had all of the ornaments, as I’d used them for decorations at my 21st party. I went to the post-Christmas sales (six months before my birthday!) and scored a whole bunch of non-Christmas-specific ornaments for the party, so when we moved out I already had a small stash.

Christmas tree white branches with blue ornaments

The following year I thought I’d go a bit less girly and switched out the pink ornaments for bright blue. Since many of the ornaments were neutral white or silver, I only had to buy a handful of new ones. By this stage we’d added the bookcase, so lifting up the tree gave it a much greater presence in the room.

As for this year? To be honest I have NO idea whether I went to the sales last year to buy more decorations, so it will be a surprise when I open the box!


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