Type drawer advent calendar

12 Days of Christmas crafts

I had started a whole bunch of Christmas craft projects when I realised there was no way I could fit it into my regular posting schedule. So for the first half of December we’ll take a break from the regular posts as I bring you the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts. Enjoy!

type drawer advent calendar

I had this antique type drawer lying around and thought the little compartments would make a perfect advent calendar. I printed out a bunch of numbers (increasing size as the day gets closer) in typefaces inspired by the chunky old moveable type that the drawer would have originally held. I made each number card slightly taller than the height of its compartment so that it would bend inside. I then hunted the house for other little bits and pieces – some Christmassy, some not – such as buttons, feathers and twine, that would complement the natural and red look.

type drawer advent calendar

You could go traditional and pop a wrapped lolly or chocolate behind each number. But I reckon an even better way to use it is to write a fun seasonal activity on the back of each card, such as ‘Put up tree’, ’Make gingerbread’ or ‘Go and see Christmas lights’. You’ll get the whole family involved and make some special memories.



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