Washi tape fridge magnet pegs

12 Days of Christmas crafts

Washi tape pegs

Let’s kick off the final week of our 12 Days of Christmas crafts with a nice functional one that will also give a hint of the season to an overlooked room for decorating: the kitchen. I’ve used these cute pegs to display cards and hold Christmas lists on the fridge.

Washi tape peg tutorial materials

You will need:

  • plain wooden clothespegs
  • washi tape in various patterns (I got mine from Pretty Tape)
  • strong magnets (I got mine from Crafty Dragonfly)
  • superglue
  • scissors
  • sandpaper


Washi tape peg tutorial 1

1. Stick a piece of tape along the top of the peg.

2. Gently sand along the edges.

"Washi tape peg tutorial 2"

3. You will then be able to peel off the excess tape and be left with a nice neat finish.

4. Glue on the magnets with superglue. (You’ll notice I used two magnets but I think that was overkill as the magnets are extremely strong so I’d suggest using only one.)

Washi tape pegs

You don’t have to stick to traditionally festive colours; match it to your decor instead and you’ll be able to use them all year.

Washi tape pegs

Friday was the last day of school year and as usual The Man brought home more chocolate than we can (or at least should) eat and enough mugs to start our own soup kitchen. It got me thinking that, for those of you with school age children, these would surely be a welcome end-of-year teacher gift.


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