No-sew table runner

12 Days of Christmas crafts

No-sew table runner

I had upped the festive factor of our regular table centrepiece, but it still needed more oomph. I remembered that I’d inherited some great 80s patterned fabric (no, that’s not an oxymoron) from my mum’s fabric box (thanks, Ma!) that would be great as a table runner to suit this year’s Christmas decorating palette. But me + sewing = fail, so I went for the cheat’s option, using iron-on hemming adhesive.


You will need:

  • fabric
  • iron-on hemming adhesive (I used Therm O Web Heat’n’Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive)
  • scissors
  • iron
  • ruler
  • pencil or fabric chalk


No-sew table runner tutorial

1. Measure the desired size of your runner (I recommend about a quarter of the width of the table, and about 25% longer so that it hangs over the ends); mark out on the reverse side of the fabric.

2. Cut fabric and iron.

No-sew table runner tutorial

3. Apply adhesive tape to the edges of the reverse side of fabric (I did it in sections rather than trying to deal with a whole two-metre-long piece).

4. Lightly iron over the tape according to packet instructions (mine said one to two seconds on dry heat).

No-sew table runner tutorial

5. Allow fabric to cool, then peel off paper backing.

6. Fold over edge.

No-sew table runner tutorial

7. Iron for about five seconds or until adhesive has fixed the hem. Repeat until the whole length of the runner is hemmed.

8. For the corners, apply an extra piece of tape and repeat the hemming process.

And there you go! Even though I chose a fabric that would tie in with my Christmas theme, it really could be used all year. I think it adds a nice touch to the table and helps to anchor the centrepiece so it doesn’t look like it’s floating. All for the grand total of zero dollars since I had everything already in my sewing (or should that be anti-sewing?) box.


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