Create a gift wrapping station

Useless trivia for the day: Celeb Candy Spelling has an entire room dedicated to wrapping presents.

Seriously. Who wraps that many presents? Or presents that big? Or has that many rooms? So many questions.

Giver’s Log

Anyway, back in the real world we may not have an entire spare room but we’d still like to save time by storing gift wrapping supplies with a clear surface nearby for wrapping. Here are some ideas for every sized space:

Source unknown | Chez Larsson

If you’re really lucky, you’ll have room for a writing desk in a study, spare bedroom or corner of your living room. Otherwise, your computer desk can double as a wrapping area if you add some attractive desktop storage or bins underneath.

Young House Love | Martha Stewart

If you don’t have a desk, utilise the dead space on the back of a door with containers or a pegboard. If possible, have it near where you intend to do the wrapping, for example the kitchen or dining table.

Scissor Variations

A space for gift wrapping supplies can be carved out of even the smallest homes by clearing out a junk drawer.



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