Replacing kitchen and laundry taps

I mentioned some time ago in this post that I wanted to upgrade our dodgy plastic kitchen taps. Well I am pleased to announce that we have finally ticked it off!

To refresh your memory, here’s what it looked like before:

kitchen taps

The tiles in the kitchen and laundry are painted, which had been problem-free until we realised that the baseplates for the new taps were smaller than the old ones. So we had to leave the water turned off (during a very hot weekend) until I’d touched up the gap.

kitchen taps during

Here they are now, all shiny and new:

kitchen taps after

The taps in the laundry didn’t look quite as bad as in the kitchen, but there was this little problem when the tap was running:

laundry taps leaking

Yep, every time we used the laundry taps, we got a waterfall of wasted water coming out of the wall. Not cool.

We had the same ring-of-stripy tiles issue as in the kitchen, so after repainting that we thought we were smooth sailing home. Except that the new taps had a shorter thread than the old ones so we couldn’t screw them in. Gah! After an emergency trip to the hardware store to buy tap extenders, they look like this:

laundry taps after

If you’re interested in replacing your own taps, I found some useful how-tos on YouTube.

I love how they look so much more crisp and clean, as well as being more functional. Not to mention crossing a long-standing job off your to-do list being so satisfying!


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