Scrabble tile magnets

I had a whole bag of scrabble tiles leftover from another project (more on that another time) that were crying out to be repurposed. I’ll be going through a few ideas over the coming weeks. First up, we have fridge magnets:

Scrabble tile magnets happy day

You could spell out lovely messages according to what’s being displayed (as with the invitation above) or go a bit more practical as in the examples below:

Scrabble tile magnets shopping

Scrabble tile magnets dinner

Although I have to admit the lack of punctuation in this last one offends the pedant in me.

Grammar aside, here’s the so-simple-I-wonder-why-I-did-a-tutorial instructions:

Scrabble tile magnets tutorial materials

You will need:

  • scrabble tiles (I bought mine here)
  • strong magnets (I bought mine here)
  • superglue


Scrabble tile magnets tutorial

1. Apply small dab of glue onto reverse of tile.

2. Press magnet into glue. Allow to dry.

What would you like to spell out with your magnets?


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