Frame a postcard

postcard artwork

Joan Miró Carnival of Harlequin (1924-1925)

As part of my mini gallery wall in the laundry, I framed this art postcard that I’ve actually had since childhood (apparently I was into Modernist art even as a ten year old!). I also had the frame (an Ikea Ribba) elsewhere in the house, so no cost there either.

Postcards are a fantastic type of affordable – or often free – art. Sure, they’re small, but what they lack in size they make up for in cost and variety. You may already have one lying around like I did, or you can keep your eye out at cafes and galleries where they may be used as promotions. Small-scale art can get lost on a wall, so try having a whole set or incorporating a single one in a larger arrangement, like I’ve done here.


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