Frame a calendar

A couple of readers actually spoilt pre-empted this post by making this very suggestion when I was talking about making free art by framing postcards and art from books but I thought I might as well share my take on it regardless.

I swiped this frame from the bedroom (I always felt it was a bit small there)…

His side

…and dug out this Frank Lloyd Wright mini calendar that my folks brought back for me from the States some years ago.

Frank Lloyd Wright calendar

I’d held onto it for five years past its expiry because it was too cool to throw out. I picked my favourite page, removed the staples and sliced it out (I’ve kept the remaining pages in case I ever want to turn it into a series).

Frank Lloyd Wright calendar 2

And here it is framed:

Framed Lloyd Wright calendar 2

Framed Lloyd Wright calendar 1

Now I promise that’s the last you’ll hear about the gallery wall!


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