Reuse a birdcage frame

I picked up this great birdcage wall hanging on special at Spotlight several months ago but it was only now that I had a chance to put it to use. I didn’t mind the idea of the bird image, but the style was a bit folksy and the cheesy poem was a dealbreaker.

birdcage frame before

I was considering having a mirror made to fit until I found this fantastic bird diagram (download it free from The Graphics Fairy). I simply printed it out onto nice textured watercolour paper and cut it to size, using the original backing as a template.

bird diagram closeup

And here is the new birdie on the wall (which you can see more of here):

birdcage frame after

I’m loving how the expected image has gone from cutesy to quirky just by switching the style.

Of course, you don’t have to be limited by the bird theme. Here are some more uses:

birdcage mirror

An Angel At My Table

We all know mirrors are great for making a space seem larger, but sometimes you don’t want it looking too shiny and obvious. An age-tarnished mirror obstructed by a wire frame, though, will still bounce light around without standing out too much.

bird and key birdcage wall art

An Angel At My Table

Art frame
OK, so this is a similar idea to my ‘before’ but I wouldn’t rip these out as they’re much better quality than mine was.

birdcage escort cards

Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Seating chart
Peg up the table lists or individual escort cards to help wedding guests locate their seats.

birdcage memo holder

Photo holder
Display your family photos at home or your wedding.

holder; jewelry; storage; store; organize; organizing; organise; organising;; holder; jewelry; storage; store; organize; organizing; organise; organising;;

Urban Outfitters

Jewellery rack
Storage that’s almost at pretty as the trinkets themselves.

birdcage Christmas card display

Sage, Inspired by Life

Card holder
Peg up your Christmas cards or postcards for everyone to enjoy.


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