Bedroom mirror and suitcases

I’ve mentioned before that I use suitcases in our bedroom for extra storage. But that’s just one way to repurpose a vintage suitcase. For some gobsmackingly creative ideas, scroll on!

Giftwrapping box

Suitcase giftwrap orgaiser

Better Homes & Gardens

Collect all your wrap, tags and tape in one place in a mobile wrapping station.

Sewing kit

Sewing kit
Mini macs

Similarly, use it as a hobby or sewing kit to keep everything together and make it portable.

Blanket box

Suitcase blanket boxes


Use large trunks at the foot of the bed for blankets, shoes or out-of-season clothes.


Suitcase shelving
Casa Sugar

Add shelves to a trunk to create a mini closet or shoe rack.

Liquor trolley

Liquor trolley trunk

Apartment Therapy

Go one better and add wheels to create a rolling booze cabinet.


File rack / pinboard

Suitcase file memo board


Affix to your study wall for a memo board and hidden file storage – genius!

Vanity/medicine cabinet

Suitcase vanity cabinet

Vanity Case

How incredible is this vanity cabinet?

Bedside table

Suitcase bedside table
Apartment Therapy

Simply plonk a suitcase on a stool for an instant bedside table with plenty of storage.


Suitcase table
Bijou Kaleidoscope

You could add legs for a sturdier option.

Pet bed

Suitcase dog bed


Add a cushy insert to give your pet the coolest bed around.



Or make some human-sized furniture.

What would you do with a spare vintage suitcase?


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