Landing bookcase makeover

We were in desperate need of book storage. My design books and The Man’s teaching books had a home in the office bookcase, but we didn’t have any shallow shelves to store our small but growing collection of novels. In my desperation, I ignored my normal ‘be patient and wait til you find the perfect item’ mantra and went out and bought an emergency piece of furniture.

Big mistake.

Sure, the shallow shelves of the bookcase (it’s actually a pair of CD/DVD towers) are the perfect size for holding paperbacks and the unusual staggered format is eyecatching and provides cute little display niches. But the honey-coloured laminate veneer? Not so hot. In fact, it looked cheap and nasty.

Enter the transformative power of paint:

landing bookcase beforelanding bookcase after

So much crisper and classier, don’t you think?

landing bookcase during

How did I go about it? Thanks to Centsational Girl, I’ve learnt that you can paint virtually anything if you use the right product for the job. In this case, I needed a primer that lightly ‘eats into’ smooth surfaces such as laminate so that paint can adhere to it. I used the spray version of ESP (Easy Surface Prep) to get into the nooks and crannies of this piece. You just spray it on, wipe it off after three minutes, and paint after 90 minutes. I followed that with a few coats of satin black spray paint.

landing bookcase after 2

I’ve still got a lot I want to do with this little space at the top of the stairs, but I’m loving this as a start.

Have you ever had a ‘what was I thinking?’ moment with a purchase for your home?



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