Turn a closet into an office

Closet office 8

Working from home I need a dedicated home office. I imagine most people, though, only need enough space for a laptop to pay bills and check email and a bit of storage for paperwork and stationery.

Converting a closet into an office is an ideal way to create a workspace without taking over a whole room. Check out these examples for inspiration:

Closet office 2

Closet office 6

Sunset | I Heart Organizing

Closet office 3

Closet office 4

Real Simple | Apartment Therapy

Closet office 1Closet office 7

via Two Brunettes | Bakoko

Closet office 5

Closet office 8

Unplgged | via Decor Pad

The best part? Just close the doors or curtain to hide the mess when you’re done


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