New finds

glass candelabra

As you may have noticed, we haven’t done too many big projects on the house lately.

But there have been a few small additions, like this candlestick. The shape is much more formal and traditional than I’d normally like, but the glass makes it so much more modern, don’t you think? It makes a nice little touch to my quite girly dresser.

tallboy before 2

On the other side of the bedroom, we’ve replaced the chunky old CD player…

tallboy after

…with a compact new iPod dock. We already had a dock actually, which we use frequently when entertaining outside, but for the bedroom we wanted one with a radio and alarm clock. Apart from being a lot sleeker in appearance, I love that it is so much smaller and less intrusive.

felt table runner

For downstairs, I scored this fantastic laser cut felt table runner for $2 and the local bargain shop! It really dresses up the table without getting in the way.

matryoshka measuring cups

I had been eyeing off these cute matryoshka doll measuring cups since they came out a couple of years ago but could never really justify the purchase for myself. Imagine my surprise when my friend gave them to me for my birthday! How did she know? They are the perfect addition to the new kitchen shelf.

What are your latest fave finds?


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