Bowerbird Bazaar recap

Bowerbird Bazaar 2

The biannual Bowerbird Bazaar handmade market was held on Mother’s Day weekend here in Adelaide.

(Yes, I know Mother’s Day was some time ago so apologies for the ridiculous lateness of this recap but I couldn’t fit it in earlier due to Birthday Month, sorry!)

Bowerbird Bazaar 3

As usual, it was packed with all the jewellery, prints, ceramics and decor you can handle from some of the country’s most creative indie businesses.

Bowerbird Bazaar 4

BB Bespoke Press 1

BB Bespoke Press 2

BB Bespoke Press 2

The letterpress goodness from Bespoke Press was the highlight of the day for me. I love their vintage-inspired designs and their gorgeous stall display.

BB Messagemark 1

BB Messagemark 2

I’ve been a big fan of Messagemark‘s organic desgins and retro colour palette for some time so it was great to have the opportunity to meet Kyrie Kohlhagen, the lovely lady behind it.

BB Linogirl 1

Whimsical handpainted porcelain by Linogirl.

BB Maria Chatzinikolaki 1

More beautiful ceramics from Maria Chatzinikolaki…

BB Stephanie James-Manttan 1

…and Stephanie James-Manttan.

BB Rebound 1

Perennial favourites Rebound Books.


BB Indigo Fawn 3

I’ve had the pleasure to have met the multi-talented Ali Rodda several times through mutual friends. I knew she was working on a new jewellery line so I was excited to finally see it. The result? Indigo Fawn, a collection of paper-cut style designs laser cut from acrylic.

(The cuties at the top right may or may not have found their way home with me.)

BB Printspace 1

BB Printspace 2

Printspace always have the coolest designs. I mean, how would you resist Mr Fox there?

BB South for the Summer 1

Gorgeous peacock-like leather headbands by South for the Summer.

BB Tinker 1

I love Tinker‘s unusual colour choices on their funky screenprinted prints, fabric and teatowels.

Did any of you go? What was your favourite stall?


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