Rethink & Reuse: Shoe hangers

medicine storage in shoe hanger

You’ve already seen my ‘medicine cabinet‘ housed in a hanging shoe organiser.

They’re great for adding storage in an otherwise wasted space and the convenient comparments make them really versatile. Here are some creative uses (apart from shoe storage of course).

shoe hanger household items

shoe hanger sock storage

Party supplies (Better Homes & Gardens) | Sock storage (Apartment Therapy)


Vertical herb garden (Instructables) | Pantry snacks (Real Simple)

Or how about…

  • Gift wrapping supplies
  • Craft  supplies
  • Sewing and knitting materials
  • Cleaning gear
  • Gardening tools
  • Toiletries and makeup
  • Stationery and office supplies

What do you (or would you) use a shoe hanger for?


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