Bowerbird Bazaar – October 2011

Oh, hi November. I wasn’t expecting you. It can’t be that time again already, I swear I only just saw you a couple of months ago.

Feels like only the other day I was recapping the Autumn Bowerbird Bazaar and here we are again.

Bowerbird October2011 09

There seemed to be a lot of interstate retailers this time around, such as Beth Emily, the Tassie illustator behind these beauties. The unique mounting really complements the artwork beautifully, no?

Bowerbird October2011 01

I’m a sucker for screenprinted bold prints, like these tea towels from Thea & Sami.

Bowerbird October2011 02

How funky are these lights, sorry, Grandeliers from Who Did That?

Bowerbird October2011 05

Bowerbird October2011 06

Cutest. Stall. Design. Ever. Goes to Little Lari. I mean, come on, it has an itty bitty Hills Hoist and everything!

Oh, and if Santa is reading this, I like the silver earrings at the bottom right. Thanks, big guy.

Bowerbird October2011 03

Penelope and Pip‘s whimsical and colourful illustrations stopped me in my tracks. Can you believe artist Rachael Smith has been doing this for less than two years?

Bowerbird October2011 03

More Apple Aisle goodness, this time in the form of incredible origami from Hideyo.

Bowerbird October2011 07

Bowerbird October2011 08

One of my fave new finds had to be Paper Boat Press. Their cloud pendants and brooches are simple but stunning and I hope some of the Christmas ornaments find their way on to my tree this year.

Bowerbird October2011 10

And last but not least, me! Well, sort of.

I had been planning to apply for a stall of my own for the first time but unfortunately I was unable to as it clashed with my commitments with the Malice in Wonderland event. So when Etsy’s Australian community manager Kirsteene contacted me to invite me to showcase my work at their stall I was thrilled to bits. When I arrived on the last day there was only one of the huge stack of my postcards left, wow!

Bowerbird October2011 12

Kirsteene and I flying the flag for Etsy.

Fate seems to be conspiring against me and I won’t be able to apply for the next Bowerbird Bazaar either due to my brother’s wedding. I will get there one day but for now I will just have to enjoy the fabulous work of the many talented retailers.


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