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This post series has been a loooong time coming. The Man and I were married in September 2010 but I couldn’t show you any photos until they were published in Real Weddings in October 2011. Late last year I already had a pretty full blog calendar and to be honest I guess I was also a bit daunted at the task of editing down to my favourites and capturing the day with words.

I know I’ve been banging on about our wedding for the entirety of this blog while not showing you any photos so thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy this series!

Alicia & Ryan wedding

I definitely didn’t have the ideal leadup to the wedding. I woke up the day before feeling absolutely rotten with the sinus infection from hell and couldn’t get out of bed. No, it wasn’t nerves or exhaustion from doing last-minute wedding jobs or crash dieting or anything like that – in fact, I purposely finished up work a week earlier than planned and sorted out virtually all of my wedding projects ahead of time specifically to avoid a situation like this.

I postponed plans with my bridesmaids so The Man could drag my sorry arse out of bed and to the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics but said they wouldn’t start working for several days – wah! I drugged myself up and perked up enough to have a lovely afternoon at a day spa with my girls.

Oh but did I mention a couple of days prior I was trimming our wedding programs and sliced off the top of my thumb and the carefully grown nail? (It’s true when I say I put in my blood, sweat and tears into this wedding!). I had this gross scab and half a nail (on my ring hand, naturally) and required an emergency reconstructive manicure. This polite girl had rung several beauty salons who were booked out, so my normally very mild-mannered Maid of Honour ripped the phone from my hand and said, ‘Right, this is how we’re going to do this now’. She totally pulled out the ‘Listen, I’ve got a bride here who needs your help and don’t mess with a bride’ card. Hilarious.

Alicia & Ryan wedding

So then on the morning of the wedding day I woke up not being able to speak. For reals.

It was at this point when I stopped worrying about something going not quite to plan with the cake or the weather or the cars or whatever. Being able to say my vows was the only thing that mattered.

Alicia & Ryan wedding

My girls came to the rescue again with lots of lemon honey tea and words of encouragement and thankfully by the time of our ceremony my voice had returned. I still had to drug myself up to the eyeballs for the pain though.

Anyway, enough of this bad news! Let’s get stuck into the photos, starting with a scary close-up.Alicia & Ryan wedding

I knew from the outset that I wasn’t a traditional veil kind of girl. I had been searching high and low for the perfect birdcage veil when my friend Mary said I could borrow hers. It was PERFECT! She only wore it to her reception so we weren’t worried about looking too similar for the mutual friends attending both weddings.1

Alicia & Ryan weddingAlicia & Ryan weddingAlicia & Ryan wedding

My mum is going to kill me for posting a photo of her on the internet but I couldn’t not include a photo of my parents now could I?

Alicia & Ryan weddingMe and my gorgeous ‘maids. I love the look of mismatching bridesmaids, so I pretty much just said I wanted purple and full-length and it was up to them to decide a style that they liked. I hadn’t even seen two of the dresses until the day but I couldn’t have been happier with how it worked out. I still wanted them to tie the look together though, so I gave them each a headband.

Alicia & Ryan wedding

eanwhile, the boys were getting ready at a hotel near the venue.

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Alicia & Ryan wedding

My spunky groom.

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Next week I’ll share the ceremony photos.

Photography by Luke Simon Photography



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