{Our wedding} DIY projects

You’ve probaby worked out by now that I did a lot of crafting for our wedding. To save you from hunting through the archives, I’ve compiled a nifty little long post summing up all the projects.



Alicia & Ryan wedding

Fabric butonnoiere *

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Beribboned bridesmaids’ fans *

Atypical Type A - jewellery box tutorial final

Bridesmaids’ cameo jewellery boxes


Alicia & Ryan wedding

Book ring ‘pillow’ *

Ribbon wands *

Family photo display *

Paper garland

Book vases

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Screenprinted napkins *

Twig balls and branch altarpieces *


Photo booth

Speech bubble blackboards

Vintage book page backdrop

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Decoupaged book page votive holders *

Scrabble tile table names


Akimbo - Mortlock 2

Invitations (more info here)

Akimbo - Mortlock 4

Screenprinted belly bands

Akimbo - Mortlock 6


Akimbo - Mortlock 8

Envelope labels for ceremony-only invitations (free printable)

envelope liner

Envelope liners

Alicia & Ryan wedding program


Alicia & Ryan's thank yous 3

Thank you notes (with free printable tags)

Alicia & Ryan wedding

Menu *

Reserved ceremony seating signs for parents *


giant crossword

Giant trivia crossword *

Welcome message *

Escort cards *

Photo booth sign * (free printable)

Alicia & Ryan weddingAlicia & Ryan save the dates

I spy’ game sheets * (free printable)

Save the dates *

Wedding music CD favours


CD sleeves (free printable)

Because I was so involved in our wedding I did have some friends and family ask me what on earth I’d do with myself after the wedding and whether I would become one of those depressed newlyweds once I was no longer a bride. It’s true I absolutely loved planning and handcrafting our wedding, but no way did I want to prolong it forever. It took up an insane amount of time so frankly I was a little relieved to have a huge chunk of my free time back and to be able to focus on getting my fledgling stationery business off the ground.

Speaking of which, I wasn’t sure whether to include the stationery as ‘DIY’ since I am a professional graphic designer and some items were professionally printed. In the end I decided to include them to show the whole picture of what I created for the event.

There are a few of the more basic projects that I haven’t done tutorials for but if you’re interested in finding out more please just shout out in the comments. Cheers!

* Images marked with an asterisk by Luke Simon Photography.


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