Tea & coffee station

Our tea and coffee making things were shoved in various cupboards wherever they would fit – plunger in the crockery cupboard, sugar in the servingware cupboard, tea bags shoved at the back of the pantry. You don’t have to be a storage junkie to realise this was clearly not the most efficient setup.

tea coffee station

I recently bought this shelf (actually a dish drainer from Ikea) and The Man installed it in the dead space next to the microwave. It now houses the plunger, sugar , tea leaves, instant coffee and plunger coffee. I had been saving up old coffee jars in preparation (yes, I am the only one who drinks instant coffee at home so it took me a long time to empty those three jars!) but I did buy the cute tin new from Brown Button Trading.

It’s so handy having everything right there above the kettle and I love how it creates useful space from previously wasted space. Yes, I still have to wait around while the kettle boils, but now instead of having to spend the time putting everything back in the various cupboards, I can do something useful like take out the recycling or put away some dishes.


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