Okay! So this post has been a long time coming. As you know I went to Sydney a few weeks ago. I hit the ground running with work when I got back and it took me a while to edit the HUNDREDS of photos we took in just a few days. Add to that some serious internet issues over the last month (try running a blog and online business on dial-up equivalent speed – yeah, fun) and you can see why it’s taken me so long.

In an act of desperation I hooked my internet up through my phone so I could finally upload these photos, which were *ahem* just slightly outside my plan’s allowed data. So I hope you enjoy the post – it’s probably going to cost me over $100!

Finally took (and used) the telephoto lens – LOVE it.

On the first day we had a lovely brunch overlooking the Harbour, then wandered around in the glorious weather checking out the Opera House and The Rocks. All very touristy I know. But The Man has only spent a quick whirlwind trip in Sydney and I had a girls’ weekend there many years ago (when ‘ the sights’ were located inside a cocktail bar) and before that some family trips as a kid so neither of us has really seen the city properly.

We happened to stumble into the markets at The Rocks which was a nice surprise. I really loved the colonial history of that district, and seeing some of Australia’s oldest buildings…

…Including the oldest pub, which was a fine place to stop in for a cold beer (cider for me) on a warm day.

The next day we headed out to Taronga Zoo via the ferry.

Views from the cable car…

We managed to catch feeding time for the giraffes, which was a great opportunity to see them up close (okay, so the telephoto helped).

The seal show was pretty impressive.

Day 3 we headed out to Cockatoo Island for some more sun and colonial history.

(Despite appearances, we did actually take more than one outfit each – we just didn’t seem to take any photos of ourselves in anything else!)







The trip was for our anniversary (a surprise by yours truly). As I’ve mentioned, just as we were getting ready for our special dinner out I got really sick. Boo. Thankfully it was short-lived and I was fine to enjoy the rest of the trip.

I’ll be back tomorrow sharing some photos of window shopping in Sydney.


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