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I’m off galivanting around the world for a few weeks so I have lined up some some talented ladies to hold the fort while I’m gone. Hope you enjoy!

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Two of my favourite things about the internet: meeting lovely likeminded people and awesome creative tools like Pinterest. Today’s guest post combines the two, as my blog buddy Janice Bear shows us the real side of Pinterest-inspired projects with, uh, varying degrees of success. – Alicia

Before I dive into my post I absolutely have to thank Alicia for suffering my nonsense not once, but three times during her vacation. I’m really excited to be here and undeniably indebted to my lovely hostess.

Now, let’s get down to business.

I think we can all agree life has become a bit more pinteresting over the past year. I’m guiltier than most because I participated in the beta phase of Pinterest which means I had several boards filled before the site was even open to the public.


So what’s the problem with a few innocent inspiration boards? Well, similar to Alicia’s view on the DIY Movement, all those picture-perfect pins can lead to….

  1. The euphoric feeling of “I can do that” followed by an exhausting burst of frenetic crafting/dressing/decorating.
  2. The ego-deflating sting of inadequacy because you can’t make, dress, decorate, or afford whatever your most recent pin has promised.

Personally, the “Make Me This” board is my downfall. Most often it is because I think I can make something for the very first time and have it turn out as good as or better than the pinned photo.


Catina Anderson

Odds are, most pins are of projects completed by, staged, and photographed by people who have had plenty of practice at all of those things. You probably won’t find too many first, second, or fifteenth tries on Pinterest.

For example, I honestly thought I could make a gorgeous layer cake for my daughter’s unbirthday party this past summer (Alicia helped with said party). How’d it go? Well…

cake v cake

Original cake by raspberri cupcakes

However, I’ve made a lot of fabric flowers in my lifetime so the wreath for my front door turned out quite nice.

wreath v wreath copy

More recently, I tortured myself in a new way just for you guys. I took something I’m practiced at (cooking) and tried something new based on a pin (oven fries).

They pinned this:

their fries

Original fries by Food Network

got this:

my fries

fry failure

My family was not impressed and my cookie sheet is never going to see the oven again. On a positive note, I was able to salvage the undercooked potatoes for the next night’s baked potato soup.

Ever hopeful, I found myself pinning at least three more recipes for oven fries.

What about you guys? Have you pinned and succeeded or failed laughably?

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