Giant washi tape

I’m off galivanting around the world for a few weeks so I have lined up some some talented ladies to hold the fort while I’m gone. Hope you enjoy!

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I’ve been lucky enough to work (and share a few ciders) with the very talented Alanna Lock quite a bit over the last couple of years and her knack for colour and spotting beautiful products makes me swoon every time. Today she’s letting us know about a product I wasn’t aware of: giant washi tape! I know I’m excited at the possibilities, let’s take a look.  – Alicia

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Ahhhh Washi Tape… with its fun designs, rainbow of colour choices and many practical uses, I have to wonder how we ever got by without this cute little stationery must-have!

This seemingly all-purpose material can be seen prettying up the surfaces of everything from notebooks to vases to gift wrap and now… walls!

Japanese wallpaper company, Sincol, has teamed up with Japanese washi tape company, mt, to release a super fun range of oversized masking tapes for interior use. The range includes both solid colours and patterns in rolls that are now available in widths of 50, 100 and 200mm.

Washi 2

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About the guest poster:

Alanna Lock is a freelance stylist, an artist, a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. A firm believer in the three “C’s”, champagne, confetti and chocolate, Alanna lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills with her hubby, Tim and daughter, Scarlett Lily. Alanna is also the trend-spotting blogger behind Hey Girl, a creative outlet for her enthusiasm and passion for innovative design and inspiring style. With her clever eye for colour and flair for the unexpected, Hey Girl shares her favorite finds, from fashion posts, to styled events, to creative branding, and everything in between.


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