Jewellery drawer

Organised jewellery drawer

After last week’s blush-worthy drawer makeover, here’s a less intimate organising project.

The top drawer of my dressing table is where I store the rest of my bling that isn’t suitable to hang on my jewellery rack.

As you can see from the top photo, I was already separating some of the jewellery using cheap plastic trays but the headbands, fascinators and other miscellaneous objects (my lifetime supply of my favourite discontinued perfume, for example) were all floating around in the other half of the drawer. The trays worked really well for the chunkier items such as bangles and necklaces but smaller items such as earrings and brooches could easily get lost or damaged.

(For eagle eyes who have spotted my embarrassingly juvenile jewellery box, that will be the subject of another project coming up soon.)

Organised jewellery drawer

I picked up this tray from Howard’s Storage World which was perfect to organise all the smaller sparkly things. I love the adjustable dividers to customise the spaces and the sliding tray on top to provide extra room.

Organised jewellery drawer

Meanwhile the existing trays work well for the larger pieces like hair accessories. Boxed pieces and gloves easily fit into the gaps around the edges.

I love that the like-items are all kept together now so it’s really easy to find what I need. Plus the smaller compartments mean no more losing those itty bitty gems.

How do you store your jewellery: hanging out in the open or hidden in drawers?


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