New house first look!

I’ve had this post waiting in the wings for a while.

I took some photos at the new house when we met the agent there to sign some paperwork a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to publish anything until finance and whatnot was 100% sorted, which it now is.

I would not have posted them at all if the home was still occupied, but it’s a deceased estate which has been vacant for some time. The furniture is still there but it has been largely cleared of personal effects.


house before

The house is late 50s and is very typical of the area. However it does have a few surprises compared to the majority of seemingly similar homes, because it was built for the builder’s own family as their dream home.

It has only had the one owner for over five decades and, despite the dated decor, has clearly been a well-loved family home. We can’t wait to give it some TLC of our own!

house before

It’s only five minutes from our current home but it feels a world away as it’s tucked in a quiet suburban street instead of being in a big unit block on a semi-industrial main road.

Entry & hall

house before

The entrance is quite generously proportioned and I’m actually quite fond of the chandelier. The view from the front door looks straight into the laundry which is a bit awkward so we may block off that doorway and create more of a focal point.

house before

The three bedrooms are all off a single hallway. It’s not wide enough for any furniture but I’m picturing a gallery wall.

Bedroom 1

house before

The master bedroom I’d say has roughly the same proportions as our current bedroom, which we’ve found to be a good size for us.

house before

It doesn’t have any built-ins though (none of the bedrooms do), so that’s on the to-do list.

Bedroom 2

house before

The second and third bedrooms are decent (certainly bigger than our current second bedroom) but not big. They both have lovely big windows and natural light. Just imagine how light and bright they are going to feel without all the wallpaper!

This room will be a study for The Man, including storage for his work supplies and books as well as his guitar. We have actually arranged to buy some furniture from the vendor, including this desk and dresser.

Bedroom 3

house before

The third bedroom, which overlooks the garden, will act as a guest room.

Main bathroom

house before

If you weren’t already impressed with the variety of the wallpaper in the first four rooms, check out the bathroom.

Yep, it’s ladies’ faces. Watching you in the shower.

house before

…and the toilet.


house before

The laundry, like the rest of the house, needs a freshen up but this will be low on our priority list. There is a full-size linen closet on the other side of the room which will be very handy as there is no hall cupboard.


house before

One of the main things that sold us on this house was the floorplan, which has the kitchen ideally (for us) situated between the two living areas. The very long-term plan is to install a brand new kitchen, knocking out the wall on the left to make it open-plan with the living room.

house before

In the meantime I’m planning to paint the tiles and laminate (and remove the wallpaper of course) to modernise and brighten the room. And generally just bask in having triple the storage space of our current kitchen.

Dining room

house before

Off the kitchen, at the front of the house, is a formal dining room. For the time being it will be our only dining area as we only have one table.

There are those glorious big windows again.


house before

Through the brick archway is the formal lounge. It’s actually a double room so there are loads of possibilities. It definitely won’t be set up with two seating areas though.

house before

This is the room we will be tackling first since, unlike the rest of the house which has neutral flooring, this has carpet that really needs to go. We believe the sub-floor is timber floorboards so if that’s correct we plan to polish those.

Living room

house before

Adjacent to that is another living space. We actually have not a single piece of furniture to put in this room currently. At some stage I will paint the brick and panelling to create a bright casual meals/living area but it’s something that will evolve slowly.

house before

This house would have been quite the party place back in the day, featuring a built-in bar and speaker system. Much to the dismay of The Man’s friends, this will not be staying… at least not until after our 30th party this autumn.

Powder room

house before

This photo is proof of not much except that I need a wider angle lens.

The toilet & basin is nicely located off the living room, near the patio, so it will be handy for guests.


house before

Next to that is a stairwell leading up to my favourite feature of the house…

house before

The attic!

house before

These two rooms will form my dream studio, with oodles of space for my business as well as crafting and other projects.

The Man is actually just as excited about this room as I am… because it means all my ‘stuff’ will be contained instead of spread out all over the house.


house before

I mentioned that this house had a few surprises, well here is another one. North American readers may find this quite underwhelming as basements appear to be commonplace, but here anything beyond one floor is a bit la-di-da.

Especially when it involves a wine cellar big enough to host a dinner party.

house before

Oh and here is the reason why I don’t feel the slightest wifely guilt at ripping out the bar upstairs. Because there is still another one.


house before

The patio is really spacious and the pergola is structurally is good nick. We’ll remove the green shadecloth and paint the timber but this is a while off.

house before

As much as I love a blank slate indoors, the opposite is true for the outdoors. I have improved a bit over the last six years of home ownership but I am still very much a novice gardener, so established = good / decisions = bad.

No doubt we will do a bit of landscaping in future but for the time being we will just try not to kill the previous owner’s clearly beloved lawn and fruit trees.


Phew! Well that’s our new home, what do you think? I hope you enjoyed the tour.


There is clearly A LOT to do. As in, no wall, floor or fixture will be safe from a makeover. But everything is in good condition and it’s totally liveable so there’s no rush.

Okay, maybe not, because I have SO MANY IDEAS I’m itching to do.

Either way, we can’t wait to get in there and start making it ours.

If you have any questions about the layout or our renovation plans, feel free to ask in the comments!


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