It’s been a while

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Oh, hi there. Remember me?

As regular readers will have no doubt noticed, a little while ago I rather abruptly went on a blogging break. I did so quietly, as I wasn’t quite sure at the time how I felt about it or how long it would be for.

As you know, a bit over a year ago I took on a part-time job. With those hours in addition to this blog and my other business, it was just crazy-making. I did simplify things somewhat by cutting out freelance design work (oh yeah, I was doing that too!) and reducing my guest blogging… along with other things like housework and sleep.

Even with those efforts, it was still a daily battle to juggle all these often-conflicting demands, especially once we added our new house renovations to the mix. As so often happens when we overcommit, I felt I was doing-doing-doing, but none of it particularly well. Being the ambitious, oriented type A that I am, this undercurrent of frustration at not doing my best work or progressing towards my goals was not good for anyone.

It was time to make some big changes.

I immediately set about streamlining Akimbo by ceasing the retail line and hence the related work of wholesale accounts, daily shipments, markets, product development, managing inventory etc. While I did enjoy and have success with it, my heart has always been with the wedding invitation side of the business. I knew it was the right decision as soon as I’d made it, because all I felt was an overwhelming sense of relief.

During one conversation with The Man about my newly focused business, he quietly asked whether it would help to scale back Atypical Type A as well. It wasn’t something I had admitted to myself yet but as soon as he uttered the words I knew he was right.

I stopped posting and accepting sponsored content and, after a few weeks of enjoying the break, took it a step further and removed the shop and advertising.

Side note: Around this time I was also suddenly made redundant from said part-time job. After a very stressful few days I was extremely fortunate to land another job — and a better one, at that — so thankfully that didn’t throw my new direction into disarray out of necessity.

It’s been over three months now and I can honestly say the difference is like night and day. Despite renovation chaos, redundancy and family health worries I’m feeling the best I have in a long time. I’m getting enough sleep for the first time in years, am spending more time with friends and family and the cloud of chronic headaches I’ve suffered from for over a decade has lifted.

Narrowing my focus has enabled me to condense the majority of my work into three reasonable workdays. I no longer wake up on Saturday mornings dreading the weekend, which had become just another couple of workdays to frantically squeeze in everything on my to-do list. I’ve been able to make some real progress on business goals and projects that had been stagnating in some cases for years and have reignited my passion for design and business.

Unfortunately the cost of this improvement is the sacrificing of Atypical Type A as you know it.

I’m still super excited about all the progress and plans for our home and am dying to share them with you, however the fast-paced editorial calendar will be a thing of the past. We will simply live our lives and work on our renovations as time and money permits, rather than based on artificial deadlines due to the pressure of a blog schedule.

What I’ll lack in frequency I’ll be making up for in authenticity. There will be no sponsored posts or projects-for-the-sake-of-projects. Just the juicy before-and-afters that I know you love (I’ve got some doozies for you soon!). Since there won’t be a daily post, you might like to subscribe so you can receive the posts without having to check back in all the time. You can also keep up with what I’m up to in between posts via Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you so much to everyone who checked in to make sure I hadn’t dropped dead. I know my departure was sudden and unexplained which was not my intention. I love this blog and have been blown away by the amazing support and community; you are all incredible and I’m so appreciative of you taking the time out of your busy day to read Atypical Type A. When I sat down four and a half years ago to write my first post I never would have imagined all the opportunities and relationships that would come as a result.

I do miss blogging but right now I need to be elsewhere. I hope that you, too, are right where you are meant to be.


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