Atypical Type A is the blog of the recovering perfectionist Alicia Parsons. She lives in Adelaide, South Australia in a 70s townhouse that she and husband Ryan (aka The Man) are slowly making their own.

A graphic designer by trade, an occupational hazard is not being able to leave anything un-designed. Whether it be crafting, decorating, entertaining or organising, she always has a project (or three) on the go. This blog is a collection of these projects and what inspired them.

My practical and perfectionist tendencies (hence the ‘Type A’) are combined with a fondness for the creative, quirky and unexpected (that’s where the ‘Atypical’ part comes in). Atypical Type A may dream in the clouds but its feet are firmly on the ground – it’s all about realistic ideas that are achievable for any home and budget.

If you have any questions, feedback or just want to say hello, contact me from here.